Diversity & Inclusion Programming Board


The Diversity and Inclusion Programming Board (DIP) strives to serve the Boston College community by putting on large-scale events that celebrate the AHANA and GLBTQ+ communities. The DI Programming Board host ALC Boat Cruise, ALC Ball, and ALC Showdown, which were founded by the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC). The Board also hosts GLC Gala, founded by the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC). These four events are now executed by the DI Programming Board, which consist of programming coordinators, and remains in constant communication with the Chair’s of ALC and GLC in an effort to put on exciting events while upholding the values and traditions originally instituted by the founding Councils. The DI Programming Board is dedicated to hosting large-scale events that create a fun and inclusive environments for all members of the Boston College community.

Amaka Nnaeto


Carney 106


Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Programming Board