Starting a New Organization

The Application

Applications for New Student Organizations opened on September 17, 2018. The application will close on November 4, 2018.

The UGBC Board for Student Organizations accepts and evaluates applications during the academic year when classes are in session. 

The New Student Organization Application is the green button found on the upper right side of the MyBC page. Please be sure to submit the application under Student Life.

Please note that submission of material does not guarantee approval of your organization and your application may be denied at any of the above stages. The process, from start to finish, can take 2-3 months if there is a high volume of applications. 

While we encourage all interested students to apply for recognition of their organization, please note that reapplications for previously denied organization are discouraged unless you believe that the structure, goals, or methodology of the group have changed significantly since your last application.

For a more in-depth explanation of the approval process for student organizations, please refer to Chapter 2 of the Student Organizations Handbook.


For your future reference, the entire approval process is outlined in the following stages:

  1. Primary Application (submitted online, via MyBC)
  2. Interview with the Board of Student Organizations
  3. Drafting of Constitution (material for drafting a constitution will be provided once your primary application is submitted)
  4. Approval by the Board of Student Organizations
  5. Office of Student Involvement Approval


If you have any questions regarding the new student organizations application process, please contact Annie Roberts, the VP of Student Organizations, at