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Aaron Fix
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Good knowledge of the subject, and was very fair to his students. Did not assign an overbearing amount of homework, and made the tests fair as they followed what he taught in the lectures for the most part.


Lectures could be extremely boring, but this was more of a reflection of the material than the instructor. Also, sometimes there seemed to be a couple of irrelevant questions on the midterms, but for the most part they were very fair.


2 midterms, 3 open-book quizzes, 3 problem sets (10 problems each), and a final. Quizzes and problem sets are straightforward. You can also have a cheat sheet for the exams, which were not overly difficult but not too easy either. If you go to class, and do most of the reading, you will do well and learn a lot. I definitely recommend taking Fix for this class.


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