President and Exec. Vice President

Akosua Achampong


Tt King

Executive Vice President

Offices of the President and the Executive Vice President

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Hey Friends! Tt King here, and I am so jazzed to be your EVP for the upcoming year. Inspired by the impact of student activists, the incredible women at the Women's Center, and a spiritual call to action, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve the student body alongside Akosua for the next year. I'm almost always at the Women's Center, whether working or filling my clinical internship hours as part of the 5-year BA/MSW social work program, or in the UGBC office, probably crafting, organizing, or thinking of some new idea for Mark Miceli, so drop by anytime! Please reach out with any ideas, concerns, or just to chat-- I'd love to get coffee and a Hillside cookie with you!

Hi Everyone! My name is Akosua (Uh-Co-See-Uh) and I am honored to be serving as the president of your Undergraduate Government of Boston College alongside Tt (my freshman year roommate).The passion that surrounds me in this organization is indescribable. I never would have thought four years ago that I would be here in this position working with so many amazing individuals. If I’m not in the UGBC office, I’m probably working somewhere in the library (my work study is on the 5th floor of O’Neill at Information Technology Services) or in class. After switching my major about three times, I’ve settled on studying both English and Communication with a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. I have been blessed with many opportunities to be involved on and off campus so get in touch if you need some help navigating the involvement scene. If you’d like to talk or grab lunch sometime just send me an email or flag me down on the quad!