President and Exec. Vice President

Reed Piercey


Ignacio Fletcher

Executive Vice President

Offices of the President and the Executive Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Reed and I couldn't be more excited and honored to serve as your UGBC President for the 2018-19 school year. I'm a senior in MCAS majoring in International Studies. Since my days as a ULAer during my freshman year, I've been involved with UGBC in a number of other roles, including Chair of the SA's Mental Health Committee. My passion for mental health advocacy, which originated in my years of service at Samaritans, Inc. as part of 4Boston, led me to found the BC chapter of Lean On Me, a peer-to-peer text hotline that started at MIT. I've also run the Boston Marathon twice for Samaritans and founded Writers' Circle. Aside from running and writing, I spend my free time falling into Wikipedia rabbit holes and trying to learn to cook. Please reach out if you'd like to collaborate with UGBC as we strive to make BC a more respectful, open, and intersectional place for all, or if you have any questions or concerns about what we do. I hope to see you around campus!