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Student Assembly

Message from  Executive Vice President


The Student Assembly (SA) is the legislative branch of UGBC, and consists of 35 elected senators representing each class, school, and student organization cohort (category), as well as the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC) and the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC). The SA focuses primarily on student advocacy and policy work: it is the job of the SA to voice student concerns and work to implement new policies that benefit the student body.

The SA contains seven standing committees that focus on particular policy areas. Both senators and ex-officio (unelected) members serve on these committees. For the 2017-2018 academic year, three of the standing committees will serve as joint committees with Student Initiatives (SI), and will work to develop both policy and programming initiatives that benefit the student body.

Student Assembly Resolution Interest

Do you have an idea for a resolution to address an issue? Please fill out the Student Assembly Resolution Interest Form to be put into contact with a Student Assembly member to assess the possibility of brnging your resolution to a vote before the Student Assembly. the member with who you are paired will work with you through the writing, presenting, and meeting associated with creating and attempting to pass a resolution.

Student Assembly Facebook

Want to learn more about the Student Assembly, what happens at meetings, and how voting occurs?

Visit the UGBC Facebook page to learn about exciting developments, watch Student Assembly meetings on Facebook Live, and more!

The Student Assembly is comprised of 35 voting members elected from all four class years. Divided into seven subcommittees concerned with specific advocacy areas, the Student Assembly aims to work in tandem with administrators and the student body to pass resolutions and to represent the student voice at large. With goals to continue advocacy for a student center, resources for marginalized students, greater transparency, and wider student engagement, the SA has big plans for the 2018-2018 academic year. If you have any ideas, concerns, or questions we would love to hear from you!

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Student Assembly Mission Statement & Standing Rules

In an effort to increase transparancy, please take a moment to view the Student Assembly Standing Rules.

We represent and serve the interests of the undergraduate student body at Boston College and act as the voice of this body in the Boston College Community. We strive to accurately represent the needs of the undergraduate student body, and facilitate strong associations between undergraduate students and the Boston College Community by acting as advocates for the student voice and involvement, and by serving as liaisons between students and the Boston College Administration.

We provide undergraduate students with advocacy, educational, cultural, and social experiences and opportunities that are not necessarily available in the traditional classroom environment. The programs, events, information, and networking opportunities we provide enrich the experience of being a student at Boston College. We promote the availability of these experiences by providing guidance and resources to the entire undergraduate student population.

The Student Assembly of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College works to provide opportunities to students that positively impact their experiences as students at Boston College. In accomplishing this goal, we are cognizant of the source of our funding and act to benefit the student body with the most efficient and effective allocation of their resources.