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Scholarships and Grants Website

Visit the Boston College website to find a list of fellowships, grants and scholarship opportunities available at Boston College and elsewhere.


This page is meant to help students academically by providing resources to use on campus.

UGBC Flipbook

To help publicize various fellowships, grants, national scholarships, and other research opportunities, the Student Assembly created a flipbook. The flipbook provides an overview of most national, local, and BC programs. 

Note: the flip book is up to date as of the summer 2014; however, some contact information and due dates may have changed since then.  Please always double check with the links provided in the document. 

Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

Academic Resources

Online Writing Lab - OWL

OWL is the online writing lab of the Connors Family Learning Center. Staffed by graduate and undergraduate readers trained at responding to the work of their peers both critically and constructively, the OWL provides free tutoring assistance to the Boston College community. As with in-person tutoring, our mission is to help students improve their writing at the global level, with attention to argument, organization, and effectiveness, rather than extensive grammatical and syntactical revisions.

Check out the Online Writing Lab page for hours, FAQs, and more information!

Academic Calendar

Check out all of the important dates for the upcoming academic year on the Boston College Academic Calendar and even add it to your Google Calendar or iCal.

Connors Family Learning Center

The mission of the Connors Family Learning Center is to enhance the quality of learning at Boston College. The CFLC offers instructional support for faculty and graduate students, special services to students with learning disabilities, and tutoring and skills workshops to all Boston College students. The center offers tutoring in over 60 subjects and has writing appointments available to assist with the structure, content and flow of a paper. Visit the Connors Family Learning Center website to learn more.

To make an appointment, please call 617-552-0611.

Learning to Learn Office

Learning to Learn seeks to support low-income, under represented, first generation college students, and students with disabilities to excel academically and to provide a nurturing environment where their target population can achieve their full potential. In the Jesuit spirit, they foster the intellectual and personal formation of students in a holistic manner and guide students as they learn to navigate college life. They offer Academic Services, Student Formation Focused Services, and Financial Services.

Form more information, visit the Learning to Learn Office page!

Learning Resources for Student-Athletes

The mission of Learning Resources for Student-Athletes (LRSA) is to provide individualized academic support services to all varsity student-athletes. They offer academic counseling and advising, content tutoring, developmental instruction, progress monitoring, services for students with disabilities, and a supervised study center. Their goal is to help all student-athletes reach their potential of intellectual, social, and personal development. Resources include an Academic Counselor, a study center, tutoring, and more!

Check out the Learning Resources for Student-Athletes page for more information!

Career Center

The Career Center is focused on helping students find their path at BC and beyond. We help you think about the big questions: What brings me joy? What am I good at? What does the world need me to be? And the more immediate challenges: What should I major in? What do I need on my resume to land a summer internship? Is graduate school right for me?

Their team works with each of BC’s schools and a large network of employers, alumni, and friends to help students identify and pursue interests in the form of majors, internships, post-graduation employment, and graduate study.

For more information on programs, office hours, and drop-in hours, visit the Career Center page!