The Communications Division is dedicated to addressing the marketing needs of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. By utilizing various advertising channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Interactive displays, Flyers, and Videos, the Communications Division is committed to creatively promoting all of UGBC’s initiatives and events. The Communications Division is also responsible for strengthening UGBC’s image on campus by effectively communicating with the student body and serving as that link between Boston College Students and the Undergraduate Government of Boston College.

Vice President of Communications

Subraiz Ahmed

Carney 106

Hey guys my name is Subraiz, I am currently a junior and a Computer Science major. A quick little fun fact about me is I am a huge Game of Thrones fan (House Stark). I am super excited to work with the student body and the rest of the UGBC staff this year. I have a lot of new goals in mind, such as putting on workshops to teach everyone how to use photoshop and create flyers on their own and creating a centralized UGBC app so everyone can stay connected. I also wish to improve past events and our end of the year survey. Working with a variety of clubs these past two years, I have seen how involved and passionate our students are. This is what I love about BC and I believe this is what allows UGBC to be such a diverse and intersectional organization. If you have any questions or input about any upcoming goals for the Communications division feel free to reach out to me at my BC email.