GLBTQ+ Leadership Council

Co-Chairs of the GLBTQ Leadership Council

Chris Ramirez

Carney 106

Hi, I’m Chris, one of your GLC co-chairs and a senior majoring in computer science with minors in chemistry and studio art. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and have a passion for fitness, advocacy, and contemporary art. Other than GLC, I have been involved on campus through Southeast Asian Student Association, AHANA+ Caucus, and 48HOURS. Symone and I hope to make GLC an inclusive space for all queer students. Additionally, we want to provide resources and support to our queer students so that they can have all the same opportunities as any other student at Boston College.

Symone Varnado

Carney 106



The GLBTQ+ Leadership Council (GLC) is committed to bettering the quality of life for all students at Boston College, especially those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual, or any other identity across the queer spectrum. The GLC works to ensure that the voices, concerns, and interests of the GLBTQ+ community are heard throughout other organizations at Boston College, as well as through the community at large. Furthermore, the GLC shall act as a resource for all clubs and organizations interested in promoting awareness of GLBTQ+ issues. The GLC shall support these groups in order to further its goal of gaining equality, acceptance, and understanding for GLBTQ+ students politically, academically, and socially at Boston College and in the greater global community.