University Health Services

Located in the 2150 Commonwealth Ave building, University Health Services provides help if a student has any physical, emotional or transitional issues by providing treatment, resources, or referals. It has a Primary Care Center with both an Inpatient and Outpatient Unit. In addition to general medicine, Health Services also offers specialty services such as diet and nutrition services, immunizations, orthopedic services, skin services, travel consultations, and women's health.

Visit the University Health Services Website to learn more and make an appointment.


This page is meant to provide students with information regarding physical, mental, and emotional health resources on-campus.

Health & Wellness

Bike BC

Bike BC organizes group rides throughout the Boston area, conducts bicycle safety and repair clinics, and is leading a Bike Share initiative at BC. Whether you own a bike on campus or not, this is the club for anyone who enjoys bike riding. They are always looking for new members to help the organization grow, especially those with bike repair experience or with interests in environmental and business issues.

Check out the Bike BC website and take a look at the "Events" section to learn about upcoming events. Also, make sure to join the Bike BC Facebook page to be notified about all upcoming events.  

If you want to learn more or have any questions, contact Bike BC at

Sexual Assault Network (SANet)

The mission of the Boston College Sexual Assault Network (SANet) is to connect those who have been directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence with trained advocates who can: offer empowering support to survivors, provide on and off campus resources, explore all available options, and be a compassionate and affirming presence throughout the healing process.

As a result of engaging with a SANet Hotline Advocate, callers will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate feeling supported and affirmed by SANet regarding their experience of trauma.
  2. Identify common reactions to trauma, which they might encounter in the aftermath of sexual misconduct.
  3. Identify on or off-campus resources available to provide ongoing support and education.
  4. Describe on-campus reporting options for a filing formal complaint of the misconduct.

If you have been affected by sexual violence, contact the Sexual Assault Network at anytime at 617-552-2211.

University Health Promotion

University Health Promotion seeks to educate students on how to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle so that they thrive intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. The office offers many programs such as iHEALTH, their group programs, and iHPs (Individual Health Plans) to focus on a variety of issues plaguing college students, such as time management, stress management, sleep education, healthy eating and low risk drinking strategies. Their website also offers information to help students Feel Healthy Now as an interactive way to engage with Health Information.

Visit the University Health Promotion website to make an appointment and learn more about the programs they offer. You can also call (617) 552-3310 during the day and (617) 552-3227 on nights and weekends.

University Counseling Services

University Counseling Services provides many options for students, including individual counseling and psychotherapy, group therapy, consultation, psyciatric services, and more. Their website also provides online resources such as WellTrack and Feel Better Now Resources.

To make an appointment, call the office at 617-552-3310 or by visiting their office in Gasson 001 during our regular office hours of Monday through Friday 8:45 AM to 4:45 PM. Visit the University Counseling Services website to learn more.

Real Food

Real Food BC is a student-initiated organization committed to the creation of a more just, sustainable food system. This club cultivates stronger community ties through the promotion of food that is local, organic, fairly traded and humane. They are dedicated to bringing more local, sustainable, and fairly traded foods inot BC Dining. They want to have 20% of the food in the dining halls locally or fair trade sourced by 2020. This is done through a variety of activities, such as working with Dining Services on souring, cooking classes, and educaitonal speakers & field trips.

Eagle Escort

The purpose of Eagle Escort Services is to provide safety services for all members of the Boston College community traveling in and around campus. It is provided as a public safety service and is not intended as a substitute for public transportation, the various BC shuttles (including the Grocery & Newton Center shuttle) or local taxi services.

Some of the transportation options that the Eagle Escort provides are:

  1. Infirmary Shuttle - provides regularly scheduled shuttles from the Primary Care Center to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Monday through Friday
  2. Medical Transport - provides assistance to Boston College students with a medical or temporary disability by picking up and dropping off in Middle Campus once a day
  3. Safety Escort - provides safety transportation for Boston College students who are traveling to or from locations that are located within a 2 ½ mile radius from the Chestnut Hill campus.

Contact the Eagle Escort 24 hours a day at 617-552-8888.

We Run BC

WeRunBC is a means for all of Boston College to come together, enjoy and share in our love of running. Our mission is to offer an opportunity for non-varsity runners to relish the camaraderie and spirit that comes with being part of a running organization.

WeRunBC welcomes all runners, regardless of speed or ability level. We have a training schedule that is flexible for anyone who wants to join: those who want to jog casually with the group a couple times a week, those who want to push themselves but not compete, and those who want to be in peak condition for racing against other Bostonians and other college students.

If you're a runner or would like to start running, WeRunBC is the perfect organization for you. All members of WeRunBC have one thing in common: they love to run! Whether you just got into running or you raced varsity cross-country in high school, you should consider joining in this fun and supportive atmosphere of fellow runners.

Student Clubs and Organizations

University Resources

To Write Love on Her Arms - Boston College

TWLOHA stands for To Write Love On Her Arms. It is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding help and presenting hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery.

TWLOHA-BC exists to spread the mission of TWLOHA, Inc at university or college campuses. At Boston College, our goal is to break the stigma associated with mental health - the lie that says we can't talk about and ask for help for our mental illnesses the way we can for our physical ones. We want to create a community on campus that understands the truths about mental health and one that fosters support and love for those struggling. We especially want to create a community where those that are struggling can feel comfortable admitting their hardships to find others to walk beside them in their process towards recovery.