Starting a New Organization

Applications Dates for 2018-19

The deadline for the fall application has passed. The spring applicaiton opens on Monday, January 21st, 2019 and must be submitted by Friday, March 29th, 2019. 

Interviews will be conducted on four Sundays throughout the semester. These dates are February 24th, March 24th, March 31th, and April 7th.

Application Process

  1. Read Chapter 1 of the Student Organization Handbook to understand the rights and responsibilities student organizations have at Boston College, and Chapter 2 to understand the application process.
  2. Identify a minimum of ten (10) Boston College full-time undergraduates who are interested in participating in the organization. Record these students' names and email addresses, which will need to be included on the online application form. Three executive board members of the organization will also need to be identified.
  3. Find a full-time Boston College faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as an advisor to the organization.
  4. Complete the Application to Register a Student Organization on the MyBC portal.
  5. If the application is deemed sufficient, the Board of Student Organizations ("BSO") will request an interview. Further details about the interview will be provided to you by a board member at this time. After the interview, the BSO will vote to determine whether to endorse the application.
  6. If the application is endorsed, the BSO will request a constitution. If the constitution is sufficient, the application will be referred to the Office of Student Involvement ("OSI") for final review.
  7. OSI staff will review the application to determine if BC has the necessary resources for the group to operate successfully. Additionally, the staff will ensure the organization meets the appropriate registration criteria, which includes financial, legal, and risk management requirements. The organization representatives will then meet with the Office of Student Involvement staff to finalize their constitution, provide additional documentation (if needed), and to explain any additional expectations specific to that organization. If OSI approves the application, this is when the organization becomes officially registered.


If you have any questions regarding the new student organizations application process, please contact

Application Notes

Applications will be reviewed every Friday on a rolling basis in the order in which they are received.

Use of the Boston College name is not permitted until official approval from the Office of Student Involvement is received. Doing so could jeopardize application status.

You must review the 10 Criteria (see below) and Chapters 1 & 2 of the Student Organizations Handbook prior to opening an application. Failure to comply with the 10 Criteria will result in denial of your application.

10 Criteria: Student Organization Registration Criteria 2018-2019

  1. The organization will enhance the Boston College experience and will create an inclusive and formational environment to appeal to the larger Boston College community.
  2. The organization does not duplicate another student organization and has minimal overlap with the missions and goals of other student organizations, offices, and services on campus.
  3. The organization furthers the mission and values of Boston College as a Jesuit and Catholic university, which includes, among others, building community and Cura Personalis ("Care of the Whole Person").
  4. The organization's application must be completed entirely and provide sufficient detail for readers to understand the organization's goals and activities. The organization's constitution follows the template provided by the Office of Student Involvement and provides sufficient detail for each required article and clause.
  5. The organization has a plan for long-term success and has a succession strategy for the future. Multiple graduation years are represented on the Executive Board and the Primary or Secondary Contact cannot be a first semester freshman or a second semester senior. If a first semester senior is the Primary or Secondary Contact, it is required that there are 2 non-seniors who are also interested in establishing the organization, and who are part of the application process.
  6. The Executive Board is comprised of full-time undergraduate Boston College students and demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter as well as the passion to make this organization a success.
  7. Boston College has the ability to support and maintain this club in terms of appropriate resources, including but not limited to: space, facilities, equipment, external agreements, transportation, risk, and more. The organization meets the University's legal and risk management requirements.
  8. The organization will meet all University policies and procedures, and financial guidelines and protocols. An organization whose primary purpose is fundraising and/or lobbying will not be approved.
  9. The Executive Board has created an appropriate organizational structure, as well as clear concepts for future activities and programs. In addition, the Board demonstrates that these ideas and goals are realistic.
  10. If a student organization which is applying to become registered would like to be affiliated or associated with a national organization or an off-campus partner or agency, further details must be obtained regarding the mission and goals of the Boston College chapter, its relationship to the national chapter or off-campus agency, legal implications of membership, and an examination of any requirements or expectations that the national organization or off-campus agency may have. Student organizations at Boston College must be able to determine their own activities, procedures, and membership criteria and selection, and Boston College policies will supersede.