Student Initiatives


The purpose of the Division of Student Initiatives is to address student issues and concerns by executing advocacy programming and issue campaigns in coordination with Student Assembly policy.

The advocacy programming consists of large-scale programming such as speaker events or film screenings and small-scale programming such as workshops or topic-specific dinner series. Issue campaigns are sustained initiatives meant to bring awareness on a specific issue over a sustained period of time.

Finally, Student Initiatives works with various Boston College departments, including Residential Life, BC Dining Services, BC Facilities Services, Dean of Students, Academic Affairs, and other departments as needed. It also will work with Office of Student Involvement as needed and appropriate.

Vice President of Student Initiatives

Cilla Bay

Carney 106

Hey everyone! My name is Cilla Bay and I'm from Dallas, TX. I am a double major in Economics and Applied Psychology with a minor in Communication in the Lynch School of Education. I spent my Spring semester junior year studying abroad in Prague, Czechia, and loved traveling around Central and Eastern Europe. On campus, I am also involved in Consult Your Community and Every Bite Counts which are two incredible organizations that have a common theme of improving the lives of those in the Boston community. In my free time I love going on trail runs, listening to podcasts, and cooking.

In Student Initiatives, we aim to enhance the student body's experiences at BC by organizing inclusive events that can range from a speaker, panel, or performance event to a topic-specific dinner, discussion group, film screening, or photo campaign. I am ecstatic to be working with my awesome directors and assistant directors in SI to bring some great initiatives this year. Please reach out to me if you have an idea or initiative you’d like to see from SI!